Administrative / Purchasing Review


I am not a paid consultant. I simply enjoy sharing advice and helping individuals improve their profitability and ultimately the success of their business. I bring with me the knowledge gained from more than 10 years experience managing centralized purchasing at Fidelity National Financial, a Fortune 500 Company. A telephone conversation costs me nothing (I have an unlimited voice plan), and I never charge for advice.


I review company’s purchasing processes and procedures in order to provide constructive feedback to assist in improving efficiency. I answer the following questions so you can be more informed of your company’s purchasing practices:

• Is your staff properly trained in the area of the product or products they are sourcing?
• Are they negotiating effectively?
• Are orders being processed and tracked properly?
• Are your supplies being managed efficiently?


It’s important to have the appropriate tools to properly analyze your purchasing expenses. I provide my partners with everything necessary to properly evaluate their purchasing practices, including:

• Work sheets that allow you to compare prices for products and services.
• Assistance with sorting data in highest priority to identify savings for your business.
• Information and advice on what you should be receiving from your vendors to best manage the expenses of your business.